Everything You Need To Build A Profitable Business On Shopify

...Even if you have no prior experience or technical knowledge!


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Everything You Need To Build A Profitable Business On Shopify

...NO prior experience or technical skills required!


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Over 150 In-Depth Video Tutorials

5 times the content in most other $500+ courses. No fluff or flashy Lamborghini's, just straight to the point easy to follow actionable information. 

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Learn How To Find High Quality Products With FAST Shipping

It's impossible to build a business on 3-4 week delivery times. Inside you'll learn how to find high quality products that get delivered fast.

Seperate Yourself From The Competition

Ecommerce can be a competitive space so you learn methods and strategies to separate your store from the competition so customers choose to buy from you.

Handed To You Products

As someone who has tested 100's of products over 5+ years I know the difficulty of finding great products. So every week I give you a tried & tested products with all the information you need to sell it.

Live Q&A With Members

Every month I host a live zoom Q&A with clubhouse members. This is a great chance for you to ask me any questions and get some advice on your business.

Learn How To Target Buyers

5+ years of Facebook Ads experience packaged into 7 modules and 50+ videos. All content is up to date with the latest tried & tested strategies.

Monthly Updates

The clubhouse will keep evolving! Every month new training, tools and resources will be added to keep members up to date with the latest strategies.

The REAL Secret To Building A Successful Shopify Store...


Every week I get asked the same question...

"Jack, how did you build a successful Shopify store, what's the secret?"

It's usually because they want to do the same thing for one reason or the other...

They either hate their job and would like more freedom or they would like to earn more money for a new car or holiday.

For me it was definitely freedom, I've had every job under the sun. Everything from bolt counting in a warehouse to delivering groceries for a supermarket to working a 9-5 in an office.

Working in an office I was earning the most money I ever had done in my life and yet I was at my most unhappiest. This is how I knew it wasn't about money. I hated so many things about that job that it fueled me into looking for something to give me that freedom.

In a way I'm glad I had that job because it's the reason I discovered Shopify dropshipping.

It was perfect for me because you needed little money to get started and you can do it from anywhere so long as you have a laptop.

So that was it, I had my heart set on it and was determined to make it work!

And I'm so glad I did, I can truly say it was 100% worth it! I functioned on 3-4 hours of sleep a night for 6 months but I would do it 10 times over to be free of the "rat race".

I now get to spend more time doing the things I enjoy with the people I love.

What I've learnt though is that there is no secrets to a successful business, you simply have to do 3 things well...

One, find a great product. It must be high quality that you can deliver quickly.

Two, put that product in front of people who want to buy it.

Three, have a great Shopify store that people trust.

No tricks or secret hacks, that's all it is!

For years I've been doing this and I love it, I still get that little rush of adrenaline hearing that notification when you make your first sale with a new product and it makes me smile every time.

I've shared this passion for a couple of years now on my Youtube channel, and while my subscribers enjoy the videos they also told me they struggled to follow the disorganised release of videos on different topics and so they wanted something more structured they can follow along step by step.

And this is how the Ecom Academy was born!

I've put all the information I've learnt over the years about those three things into one beginner friendly package.

1. How To Find Proven Hot Selling Products

Picking products was always the hardest part for me, I wasted £1000's on testing the wrong products.

So you don't make the same mistakes I created my 'Product Research Checklist'. A tool that will identify winning products and avoid the same mistakes I made. You will also learn...

  • How to find reliable suppliers that ship your products quickly.
  • Access to my personal library of proven 6 & 7 figure products.
  • Every week new products hand-picked by myself with all the information and templates you need to sell them.

2. How To Target Buyers & Get Them To Your Store

Inside you'll get access to over 50 in-depth Facebook Ad tutorials.

The strategies taught inside are tried and tested and up to date for 2021. It includes...

  • A full beginner friendly setup guide from start to finish.
  • My tried & tested Facebook Ads strategies responsible for generating over £2,000,000+ in sales.
  • My personal library of proven 6 & 7 figure Facebook Ads.
  • The 'inner-workings' of Facebook Ads. Learn how to target, test, scale and retarget customers to generate a consistent flow of customers.

3. Build A High Converting Shopify Store.

Learn how I build stores that convert at over 8%.

Learn how you can make your Shopify store stand out from the competition so customers choose to buy from you. This includes... 

  • A full video walkthrough of how to build a Shopify store from scratch.
  • My proven product page template that has generated £100,000's in sales.
  • Learn how to make your Shopify store look like a REAL business and not just another dropshipping store.

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